Change is in the air

America welcomes the first Africa-American president, more importantly the first non-Anglo president. America is no longer only refugies from Western Europe. It truly is a menlting pot of the world. Barack, with his background & upbringing is a symbol of this integration of people and cultures.

Still, that’s not the biggest result of Barack Obama’s winning the Presidential race. It was the mobilization of America’s youth (GenX & GenY), whether for him or against, to participate in the political and election process. He motivated the cynical and disconnected to act, to care, to join in the conversation that will shape the future.

Personally, I choose Obama for a future based on hope rather then fear. On unity over division and the failures caused by it. I know there are many obsticles that can keep some these ideals from materializing, but the mental sea change in those that supported him is a step in seeing a world less divided.

Countries all over the world are excited by the end of an era. An era where the US arogantly ignored allies and the will of it’s people. Where the US played bully and police in the same motion. This era is over, replaced with a president that shows diplomacy, honesty and an understanding that we are but one country in this world, regardless of our place in it.

I look forward to see how this man, his ideals and a nation recharged will take on the issues of tomorrow. My cynisism taking a backseat for hope to take its place.

Welcome back America.