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Using Social Media and a Beard

Sites using social media as a cheap method to both promote and host their videos/photos/etc has been done before, Skittles and Boone Oakley are two mentioned here previously.  Celebrities taking jabs at their image is also not new….but using James Lipton and his beard for PSA’s on mobile harassment is pure genius.  The Give It A Ponder campaign, sponsored by LG, is a mix of TV, print and web promotions all revolving around James’ beard and thinking before texting.

The videos (featuring James Lipton) are campy, creepy, funny and to the point.  The imagery and quirkiness leaves a lasting impression and the copy is so Lipton’esque that everything seems normal yet far from it at the same time.

Carlos is Angry

Stephan and Zoe

Tracy and her beard

The print campaign is also humorous though not as powerful and may be confusing as to what it’s actually for.  Still they’re eye catching and well related to the TV/Videos and Web experience.

The Virgin

Peanut Butter Muffin

Junk Drawers


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Canned Humor

It’s not often that I notice a banner ad let alone interact with one but this ad for Pringles was well worth my clicks.  The banner was created by Bridge Worldwide and won a 2009 Cannes Cyber Lions Gold.  The concept is simple, provide a silly but catchy image and reward evey interaction with witty copywriting.

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Creative Entertainment Video

If clients only knew what they sounded like…

…would they realize how ridiculous the requests are?  Would it make a difference?

Great video switching the context of client requests in to the real world situations.

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A Comical Explanations of Recent Economic Events

The truth is we’re all not Economists.  So watching the recent news can be overwhelming with facts and figures bombarding you from every broadcast.  Crisis this. Scandal that.  Pork, Pork, Pork.  Sometimes a little explanation is all some people need.  What better way to deliver that then through comedy.

Jimmy Kimel discovered a video by Sesame Street explaining how the Madoff Ponzi scheme worked

xkcd explains the difference between a Billion and a Million:

The Daily Show breaks down the pork in the stimulus package:

Intro to Jon Stewart’s meet up with CNBC’s Jim Cramer:

Watch the full episode