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Swine Flu, why all the hype?

Cute PigEvery news channel is talking about the Swine Flu as if it’s already a pandemic.  In reality there are a few cases scattered about the globe, and somewhat randomly at that.  So out of the 7 Billion people there are say 1 hundred people that have been diagnosed.  That’s 1 person for every 70 million people (1/70,000,000), far from freak out territory. That’s not stopping the news services from hyping it to no end, as they did with Avian Flu last year and SARS a few years ago.  Both of which turned out to be nothing close to what was hyped.

Some may say this is all a conspiracy, to distract American’s short attention spans from the economy and other more important/challenging/demoralizing news stories.  Others may suggest this is simply a ruse to get people to watch more of the 24 news stations and up their ad revenues.  Less conspiritory would be that this is just filler content with all the stations trying to one-up the other.

On a more entertaining note, all this hype has provided The Daily Show and Colbert Report some great (non-political) fodder for their shows.  Stewart had multiple sketches regarding the hype.  He closed his coverage of the Flu after he deduced that since this flu strain is a mix of Swine, Avian and Human sources that it’s origins must have been from a guy F’ing a turkey club sandwich. Followed by an even lowerbrowed visual.  And with that I’m done.

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