Week in Links: Priorities, Mobile and Tactile

Google launches Inbox Priority, a new recommendation service for your inbox. For those that never get to inbox zero this maybe what you’ve been waiting for. And in typical Google fashion they introduce there latest product with an entertaining video (seen above). I have not had a chance to see this new feature in action yet but the folks over at TechCrunch give it a thumbs up. In addition to Inbox Prioritization Read Write Web suggests a few essential plug-ins to add to your Gmail. Rapportive, which was part of the Ycombinator event two weeks ago, was first on their list.

Apple released their latest iPods. The iPod Touch now features the iPhone 4’s retina display, dual cameras, HD video recording, Facetime, and iOS4.  Even the new Nano is sporting iOS and a touch screen. They also announced the new AppleTV which is super small and compete directly with Roku, Boxee and other internet enabled streaming devices. Engadget created a quick comparison chart comparing the competition. They also do a more in-depth comparison to the strategies of AppleTV and Google‘s. Ultimately, I think AppleTV’s biggest advantage is the simple streaming from your iPhone or iPad, more here. Lastly, they mentioned iOS4.1 will be out this week, and it supposedly fixes the issues with the iPhone 3G…oh it also adds video rental and Apple’s new Ping service.

Touch is the current hot technology and for good reason, it feels natural. Sony just announced they were adding touch to their eReaders and Amazon is working on doing the same with the Kindle. The NY Times talks of how prevalent touch is becoming, and how touch is becoming the key to selling gadgets. I may be in the minority but I’m not sure adding touch to the Kindle or an eReader is going to convince anyone they need it, though I do see it as a distinguishing factor when comparing features and potentially getting a consumer to go for the more expensive model.

The other hot technology is mobile. It’s growth factor has out paced any other technology, it’s the fastest growing platform for accessing the Internet and understandably so.  It’s with us everyday, everywhere. This Mobile Manifesto makes some solid points for why everyone needs to think about mobile users. Props to @juansanchez for passing that one along.

Virgin Mobile’s new MiFi is a must for anyone that is on the go or on a budget. Basically it’s a 3G receiver (via Sprint) and WiFi hotspot merged together that fits in your pocket. Now there are other MiFi’s out there but the unlimited data rate being offered by Virgin ($40/month) is what takes this over the top. Match the MiFi with Apple’s latest iTouch and Skype and you now have the least expensive iPhone on the market. Hopefully this will be the beginning of the end for $70+/month plans…though I’m not holding my breath.

Tweet of the week:

RT @infrastrukt: so T-Pain spent $500K on a 'Big Ass Chain' but only $500
for a new logo, on Crowdspring.

…and of course there are over 100 entries.

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