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Week in Links: It’s Not Google’s week

Late last week there was an article via the NY Times asking “Could a deal between Verizon and Google destroy any chance for Net Neutrality”.  Instead, Google and Verizon called for a press conference on Monday to explain what they’ve been working on. Based on Google’s (and Verizon) blog with their post titled “A joint policy proposal for an open Internet” they spell out that it’s quiet the contrary. Later in the week Google then countered the many concerns about Google selling out or undermining the system.  The NY Times continues to question the proposal and “Who gets priority on the web?” What it all really means is yet to be seen but makes me wonder if this is a dig at Comcast and their win against net neutrality earlier this year.

Google is also getting some heat from Oracle as well.  This time it’s their Android platform that is getting the heat, more precisisly Google’s version of Java that runs it. Daniel Eran Dilger takes Google to town in his long but engaging article “How Oracle might kill Google’s Android and software patents all at once.” Charles Nutter gives a different point of view in his “My Thoughts on Oracle v Google.”

Apple also had some patent fun this week when they published an exact copy of FutureTap’s Where To app inside one of their patents.  Where To has been around since the first generation of iPhone. Apple and FutureTap have worked things out, mostly just a failure to credit rather then a stealing of ideas.

On a lighter note, Engadget reports on the Canadian cable company Telus’s ability to use your Xbox as an IPTV…well sort of.  The Xbox is more of a client to the set top box, but the set top box is one step closer to becoming history.  And Netflix signs a deal with Epix to start streaming movies as of September. Even though they won’t have the content for 90 days after it shows on Epix, this is a huge win for Netflix and their growing instant queue.

Visa tries to bring online shopping into the exciting world of social media and comes off as too cool for school.  Check out RightCliq to see some decent ideas layered with marketing cheese and the uncomfortable feeling that you’re being watched. Or just check it out just to watch the campy video.

Placepop gets interviewed by Scobleizer and talk about their virtual loyalty card/app.  It’s a mix between your classic loyalty card, Foursquare, Gowalla and Groupon.  Interesting enough Placepop mentioned if Facebook gets into the “check-in” game the whole check-in thing will explode.  Sure enough Facebook is working on Facebook Places, their foray into the location based excitement. Everyone has their opinion on what it may be, Gigaom writes how FB will change the game, though it’s just one of the many ideas floating about.

Other ideas that will change the future came from the NY Times Magazine’s annual “year of ideas.”  Though these are from 2009 (last year), some of them are still ahead of their time.  I was impressed by the advertisement that changed states based on whether someone was watching it or not.  Really drove the issue home.  My one complaint is that I couldn’t find a date to any of these projects/articles.

This one is for the designers out there, the User Interface toolkit for Illustrator has a plethora of icons, symbols and other elements that may help you get that next comp out the door with out pulling your hair out.

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