Refresh Philly: September 2009 Recap

gridphilly September’s Refresh was all about the grid, Grid Philly that is.  The Sept. meet was a working session where Grid Philly, a locally based/focused magazine on sustainability turned to the members of Refresh to guide them in all things web.  GRID’s current web offering is basically a flip book of past issues.  I understand their reasons for going with this but it does little to invite people to read/share/discover the magazine’s offerings.  This flip books are simple to export to and offer users a view of the printed version’s design but the benefits end there.  But I digress.  Overall, it seemed like an eye opener for the GRID team and there was plenty of suggestions that were valid options for those attending.  These “working session” styled meetings are a great way to meet others in the community and maybe learn a thing or two.

Just a heads up, next months Refresh will be their social meeting (think happy hour).

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