The Growing Numbers and Effect of Twitter

Twitter's logoTwitter has exploded over the past year.  Earlier this year there was talk about membership growing some 400+ percent over 12 months.  More recently it’s been calculated at over 1300 percent (via Mashable).  Shaq is no longer the lone celebrity and Jimmy Fallon has integrated Twitter into his new late night show ultimately introducing millions of viewers to the service.  Soon Oprah just joined the twiterverse on her show with Ashton Kutcher, whom just hit a million followers.  Along with Twitter’s numbers exploding so has power/influence of a Tweet.

Here’s a quick list of some of the

  • January 15th, 2009 – a plane crash landed in to the Hudson River.  Before the news networks or other media outlet could get images, Janis Krums‘s was sending out a photo of the floating plane via Twitter.  From there it spread like a virus till his photo was viewed thousands of times.  Soon the story of his twet was almost as big as the crash itself (WSJ).
  • Twitter’s community is a way for bands to connect with their fans.  With the Internet providing a way to distribute the music, Twitter is providing the marketing platform and a way to connect with fans.  Amanda Palmer explains how she uses Twitter as her primary way to market her music, sets up places to stay on her tours and stay connected with her fans. (link cred: @trent_reznor)
  • A few weeks back Mac Heist was offering their latest bundle of applications.  Part of their promo was that additional applications would be made available based on how many bundles they sold.  They also offered an additional app if you tweeted their message.  I had at least 6 friends and a number of others I follow take them up on their tweet deal.  I was interested in one of the apps, but it was one that was locked until they reached their final milestone.   Again it was a tweet that informed me that the milestone was reached.
  • Even classic literature is getting the Twitter touch, Homer’s The Odyssey

Janis Krums’s photo
Amanda Palmer’s email
Homer’s The Odyssey

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