Papervison 3D: first blush

Papervision3DPapervision 3D has been around for some time. I’ve been interested in checking it out but never had a project to bring it beyond just a thought.  I now have a project that calls for some simple Flash 3D.  To start out I hit GoToAndLearn, as usual his tutorials are quick and concise .  I was shocked how simple the basics were.  Sure things will get more complicated once you move beyond the box.

My first snag was with a basic scene and a simple cube.  I placed specific materials to each of the faces of my cube to emphasize the feeling of depth.  Upon export I’m not seeing the front of my cube, but rather the back face.  I wasn’t doing any rotations yet so I’m not sure why it was rendering as if from behind.  Not finding any explanation, I instead readjusted the faces themselves to look as I wanted.  Every other transformation worked as expected, it was only the mirrored view of the cube’s faces.  If anyone has an explanation I’d love to hear them.

Papervision 3D

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