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Steve Jobs – The Pot & The Kettle

No one can deny Steve Jobs did great things for Apple. Not only was he a founder, but he brought them focus and drive to create some of the most beloved/mimicked products to come out in the last few years (read: decade). Still, Jobs wasn’t living in a vacuum and as much as Apple innovated things they also took the best features from what was already out in the market.

So when I read about Jobs vent about his deep anger with Google (or his personal vendetta against Adobe) it makes Jobs look more of a petty, spoiled boy throwing a tantrum rather then the visionary we all respect him for. And it’s true in many ways Jobs was a spoiled brat with a giant frail ego, but his personality short comings are less memorable then his contributions and I hope in memory it’ll stay that way.

Jobs tears into Google in upcoming biography

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You know, I had similar thoughts after Jobs passed and folks were extolling his passion & innovation. The man was truly a visionary, and a great influence on my personal career path, but his ego was frail indeed. Remember when he told new iPhone 4 they were “holding it wrong?”

As much as we can learn from Jobs’ incredible strengths, there are important lessons in his shortcomings, too.

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