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The Week in Links

Every week I send out/post/share a number of links that I think are informative or sometimes just purely entertaining. This is my first attempt to collect them in one place. Hope you find something of worth and I welcome any comments, suggestions or links. Thanks.

Google is looking to get into the social web, they move their big idea gun Vic Gundotra from Android to all things social (Google Me) at the same time they decided to kill Google Wave, another of their social fails. Though, I believe Wave was more of a UI/workflow fail then a social failure, none the less Google has people talking. Om Malik breaks down Google’s social skills with a great analogy between cricket and baseball.

Meanwhile the current king of social media, Facebook gets some heat for their take on Yahoo! Answers, called Facebook | Questions. Based on the name alone, I’d say it’s a poor choice, who doesn’t prefer getting answers rather then more questions. Makes you question if even the mighty Mark Zuckerberg (and crew) understands his market. With that in mind here is a great rant/request for Facebook Dear Mark Zuckerberg: Ask the Question by Ellen (a Facebook user since 2007)(a Facebook user since 2007).

Continuing in the social vein is I Tweet, Therefore I Am a NY Times editorial on how Twitter (and the social web) has become both a social mirror and stage that define us as we define ourselves.

On a more entertaining note, if you’re asking yourself what your social strategy then whatthefuckismysocialmediastrategy may have the answers you’ve been searching for.

Or if your just curious as to what the web and the world look like to a 16yr old web developer/entrepreneur you’ll want to check out this interview by Scobleizer with Raj (a 16yr old developer) (@mynameisraj). Even though he’s only be 16 he is well spoken and introspective enough to offer an intelligent window into the how teens see/use the technology.

If you were waiting for the legal consent before jail breaking your iPhone, wait no more. It’s now totally legal and even better iPhone dev team already offer a solution.

Lastly my friends over at TicketLeap get some love from Guy Kawasaki in his “How to use social media to sell event tickets” Glad to see their complete overhaul get some attention.

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