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Dreams vs. Nightmares

We all dream, but what do they mean?  What makes a dream a nightmare? How do we use dreams in the waking world?  What about dreams of what we want?

Honda visits the idea of dreams and their meanings to our day-to-day through the words and stories of Clive Barker, Deepak Chopra, and various talents within Honda.  It’s something to inspire thought which lies at the backbone of the entire Dream the Impossible series.

Dreams vs, Nightmares
Honda’s Dream the Impossible

We’ve come a long way since 1977

In 1977 computers were far from personal.  They offered 40/80 lines of green or amber text.  Around that time I got my first computer, the Commodore Pet.  It was all metal, big and heavy with a giant stand alone hard drive that held nothing in today’s standards.  There was also a separate cassette player for loading/unloading programs.  It’s graphics were limited to that classic shade of green and the alternate characters displayed on each of the keys of the keyboard.  I would spend hours either drawing pictures with those alternate characters or writing programs in BASIC and saving them on my cassette drive.  Even the highest end systems of the day were less capable then my iPhone.

Also in 1977 Star Wars was released.  Star Wars is a classic film.  I was too young to see it in theaters or remember much of it even if I had.  Still, as a child I loved the original trilogy and always loved it’s visuals.  For the time and may years after it’s visual effects were still some of the best.  George Lucas and team did amazing things with film to create all those special effects.  Computer generated EFX wasn’t even an option back then.  Well, I stand corrected.  The computer projections of the Death Star were actually done on a computer.  Below is a eye opening video of both their process and the technology that was available at the time.

This is just beautiful

I’ve never heard of the band Ólafur Arnalds, but this video is astounding.  The explosions of color.  The beautiful flowing liquid/smoke effects.  The visual dance to the melody of the song.  Together they make magic.

Refresh Philly: September 2009 Recap

gridphilly September’s Refresh was all about the grid, Grid Philly that is.  The Sept. meet was a working session where Grid Philly, a locally based/focused magazine on sustainability turned to the members of Refresh to guide them in all things web.  GRID’s current web offering is basically a flip book of past issues.  I understand their reasons for going with this but it does little to invite people to read/share/discover the magazine’s offerings.  This flip books are simple to export to and offer users a view of the printed version’s design but the benefits end there.  But I digress.  Overall, it seemed like an eye opener for the GRID team and there was plenty of suggestions that were valid options for those attending.  These “working session” styled meetings are a great way to meet others in the community and maybe learn a thing or two.

Just a heads up, next months Refresh will be their social meeting (think happy hour).